Industry Knowledge

We have worked in recent years for customers in the following sectors:

  • Banking
  • Government
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunication
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Insurance

Due to the sensitivity of our work, we guarantee full confidentiality to all customers. For this reason, we do not publish a list of our customers on the Internet.


Here are examples of activities we have carried out in recent years:

Voice Encryption

  • IMS VoIP Architektur
  • SIP over TLS
  • Secure RTP

Development of a concept for encryption of subscriber connections in a carrier-grade VoIP environment. Focusing on encryption of signaling and media data including ALG/NAT, Early Media, fail-over concept, scaling issues, and security.

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OpenStack-Platform for virtualized IMS

  • OpenStack with Ubuntu
  • Clearwater IMS
  • Juniper QFX IP-Fabric
  • Flash-Only Storage Technology

Design and architecture of an OpenStack environment for integrating a virtualized IMS Open Source solution. Construction, integration and installation. Programming and automation of functional enhancements for integration into the data center infrastructure. Specifically, in regards to deployment and scaling.

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IP-Network Engineering

  • MPLS VPN for BNG
  • Juniper MX

Development of a concept for the production of a dynamic Layer 2 LAN service for the mass market. Carrying out a PoC for feasibility in consideration of scaling conditions of the route reflectors, safety, as well as profiles and adjustments for dynamic devices using RADIUS.

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Concept for Developing IP Backbone

  • ASR9K, ASR1K
  • Spirent TestCenter

Development of IP backbone concepts of an internet service provider based on segment routing detachment of MPLS TE. Creation and validation of low-level design documents, configurations, and migration concepts.

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Network-operations support in a Core-Network

  • Software roll out (500 core routers)
  • Automation of pre- and post-test validation
  • Exchange of core router components (120 locations)
  • Network load forecasts

Upgrading of an Internet Service Provider infrastructure through central and local support for the conversion and rollout of the core network. Development of software for quality assurance for pre- and post-test validation.

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Test automation ISP

  • Juniper MX-Series
  • Spirent TestCenter
  • PCAP Analysis
  • RADIUS and Subscriber Management

Programming of software for modular, automated white-box testing of access networks and subscriber management. Automation of regression testing. Monitoring results to ensure compatibility with the specifications.

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Development of Performance Management System

  • Elastic Stack
  • Kafka
  • AngularJS
  • Docker

Development of performance management system UNIMA (Unified Monitoring and Analysis platform) to integrate extensive time-series data in the ISP domain to make efficient network engineering and network operations possible.

Foundation for flexible data analysis are high-resolution time series persisted in an elasticsearch cluster. Data sources are among others SNMP, BGP, Cisco-Telemetry, and Netflow.

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IOS to IOS-XR Converter

  • Python
  • Parser IOS and IOS-XR
  • Configuration guidelines and policies

Automated migration from IOS to IOS-XR. Programming of a parser and converter in consideration of regulations for ensuring and implementing uniform configuration policies (Access Lists, QoS, routing).

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